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 Catalogue  Hyacinthe Jadin • QUATUORS À CORDES OEUVRE 1re
Hyacinthe Jadin • QUATUORS À CORDES OEUVRE 1re

The Quatuor Franz Joseph invites listeners to discover the three string quartets, opus 1, by Hyacinthe Jadin, a French composer who is little known today. Born in 1776 in Versailles to a musical family, he was on the brink of a promising career when he died of tuberculosis, in September of 1800 at the age of 24.
For his quartets, Jadin used the four-movement structure he had inherited from Haydn. Stylistically, they anticipate the great contrapuntal developments of the 19th century. Tinged with a pre-Romantic aesthetic, they are a French version of the Sturm und Drang movement which heralded the world of Schubert.
The Quatuor Franz Joseph was created in 2002 by four enthusiastic and leading early-music string players from Montrea. These musicians seek to quench their thirst for the quartet repertoire of the Enlightenment using period instruments, while nourishing an interest for parallel repertoires.


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Download Album

CD 1 Disc(s) / 12 Tracks  CND $9.99 Select the format

Disque No 1

Ier Quatuor, en si bémol majeur | in B flat major

25:25 $3.49

1 Largo — Allegro non troppo

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8:44 $1.99

2 Adagio

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8:52 $1.99

3 Menuet — Trio

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2:04 $0.99

4 Finale. Allegro

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5:45 $0.99

IIe Quatuor, en la majeur | in A major
Jadin, Hyacinthe (1776-1800)

18:30 $3.49

5 Allegro

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5:35 $0.99

6 Menuet — Trio

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3:23 $0.99

7 Pastoral. Andante

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4:00 $0.99

8 Finale. Presto

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5:32 $0.99

IIIe Quatuor, en fa mineur | in F minor
Jadin, Hyacinthe (1776-1800)

21:12 $3.49

9 Allegro moderato

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8:15 $1.99

10 Menuet — [Trio] Majeur

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3:05 $0.99

11 Adagio

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5:33 $0.99

12 Polonaise

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4:19 $0.99