ATMA Classique has established a sterling reputation around the world for recordings with superb sound quality, featuring distinctive programs performed by some of the world’s finest musicians. Founded in 1994 by Johanne Goyette, ATMA was acquired in April 2020 by Guillaume Lombart, founder and president of Ad Litteram, a leading company with more than 20 years of experience in the music industry.

Distributed in 25 countries and present on all digital platforms, the ATMA catalogue now comprises more than 550 titles in genres ranging from medieval to contemporary music, and including tango, traditional, and baroque music. ATMA recordings are notable for their high standards, and original, creative programs, which have garnered praise and numerous awards and prizes over the years.

In her role as Artistic Director, Johanne Goyette continues to be involved in every recording project and works closely with musicians through the entire process, from initial concept to final edit and post‐production.

ATMA Classique is more committed than ever to creating and recording the unique moments of inspiration of its talented musicians, with whom the label has established warm and close relationships characterized by mutual trust.

The ATMA team believes in the extraordinary value of sound recording, while looking to redefine its role within the context of an ever‐evolving industry through Ad Litteram’s in-house technological capabilities, including video production and live-streaming.