Frequently asked questions

ATMA BOUTIQUE : Can I buy a physical CD directly from ATMA?

Yes for albums in-stock albums that are not digital only. Shipping charges will be added.

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ATMA BOUTIQUE : Do I have to create an account to buy an album/tracks?

Yes, you have to create an account to buy an album. When you next visit ATMAClassique.com, this account will give you easy access to your downloads and purchase history. ATMA Classique will not reveal, transmit, or give away your personal data (name, email adress, password).

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ATMA BOUTIQUE : How do I download tracks/albums?

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ATMA BOUTIQUE : How do I make an online payment? What modes of payment are accepted?

 By clicking on the Paypal icon once you have confirmed the tracks/albums you wish to download, you will be directed to the Paypal site where you can pay via credit card or through a Paypal account.

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ATMA BOUTIQUE : Is the payment secure?

Your online transactions with the ATMA boutique are secure. Since your payments are made via Paypal, ATMA Classique neither collects nor saves any information about your credit card account. For more information about the protection and confidentiality of information you give to Paypal, consult https://www.paypal.com/ca/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security.

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ATMA BOUTIQUE : Terms of service

 Click HERE to download the terms of service of the ATMA Boutique.

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ATMA BOUTIQUE : What formats are available for downloads?

Our albums are available in the MP3 and FLAC formats. Most albums are available in MP3 320 and FLAC 44.1 kHz. The most recent releases are also available in FLAC 96 kHz.

The most popular format for downloading audio files is MP3. Compatible with all computers and audio players, the MP3 format offered at the ATMA boutique is of good quality (320 kbps). These MP3 format files are compressed and hence download a lot faster than those in FLAC format.

The FLAC (free lossless audio codec) format is greatly appreciated by audiophiles. FLAC 44.1 kHz files offer quality equivalent to that of a physical CD. FLAC 96 kHz files offer the best possible sonic quality, faithful to that of the original recording.
The FLAC format is compatible with most computers. To learn more about this format, visit the official website https://xiph.org/flac/index.html.

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ATMA ONLINE SHOP: The purchase process does not work, or my basket is empty

Here are the actions you can take before contacting us:
1- Carry out all your current purchases in the same language, otherwise your basket will be emptied.2- Check the updates available on your system and your browser.

3- Clear the cache/history of the browser you used.

4- Change browser

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ATMA BOUTIQUE : What is the order process ?

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LICENSES : How can I obtain a synchronization licence or permission to broadcast?

Please get in touch with Mélissa Archambault, Sales & Marketing Director


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MISCELLANEOUS : I bought a defective ATMA album. What should I do?

For a defect in a product bought in a retail store, please communicate with the store. For any issues with the download of your files, please send an email to info@atmaclassique.com, or call us at 514 731-4297 ext. 0.

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Press Release : How can I obtain a press release / promotional copy / interview with an artist?

Please contact Michel Ferland, Communications Director. | mferland@atmaclassique.com | 514-731-4297 ext.205

Canadian media (except Québec):  contact Luisa Trisi, Big Picture Communications. |  ltrisi@sympatico.ca | 416-481-1161

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PRODUCTION : How can I submit a recording project?

Please address your proposal to Michel Ferland, Director of Production, at mferland@atmaclassique.com

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