Faubert Bolivar

Faubert Bolivar, librettiste

A poet, playwright, actor and cultural entrepreneur, Faubert Bolivar is always attentive and sensitive to the problems of his time and especially those of his country of origin. At the theatre, his works, in addition to enjoying a beautiful reception of the public, have received many awards and distinctions: Paulette Poujol-Oriol and Georges Corvington Prize of the Lucienne Deschamps Foundation, Marius Gottin Prize of ETC Caraïbe, Best Lyric Drama Award of Textes En Paroles. Translated into Portuguese from Brazil for his play Mon ami Pierrot, Faubert Bolivar published, among others, three works strongly marked by poetry: Lettre à tu et à toi suivi de Sainte Dérivée des Trottoirs (Anibwé), Une pierre est tombée, un homme est passé par là (C3 Éditions), Mémoires des maisons closes (Le Temps des Cerises). He lives in Martinique where he teaches philosophy and is the director of the artistic association Balisaille.

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