Ryan Gallagher

Ryan Gallagher is a multi-facetted musician, equally at home playing the viola da gamba and the Baroque cello; making sweet sounds on the bouzouki on the terrasse of a Greek taverna; or, as a heavy metal bass player, channeling a thunderous Thor. Mr. Gallagher continues to showcase his versatility with Les Barocudas: by turns contributing a second melodic voice to complement the violin; at times reinforcing, supporting, or otherwise enriching the harmonic textures of the harpsichord accompaniment. Building on his past performance experience, Ryan’s eclectic role within the ensemble has helped him develop a distinctive voice that allows refinement, delicacy, and great precision to coalesce with an instinctive expressivity. After winning a Graduate Excellence Fellowship, Ryan Gallagher completed his Doctorate in Early Music at McGill University in the spring of 2019. The subject of his doctoral thesis was the bass violin— the ancestor of the modern cello — detailing
its history, modes of construction and playing technique.


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