Sébastien Lépine

Highly regarded for the reputation of excellence that he has forged over the last twenty years, Sébastien Lépine stands out as one of Canada’s finest cellists. Whether performing as a soloist or a chamber musician, conducting or composing, this refined musician exercises his art with true passion in each note and gives classical music renewed vitality. Lépine has carried out various projects, produced several acclaimed albums and appeared in numerous concert halls across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Italy and France, where he was invited to perform as a concert soloist with prestigious orchestras. Following his studies at Trois-Rivières’s conservatory of music, where he was awarded a prize with high honours, he had the privilege of studying with János Starker at Indiana University. As a conductor, he has worked with Raffi Armenian. Lépine is currently a professor at Trois-Rivières’s conservatory of music. Sébastien Lépine has the great pleasure of playing on a Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume cello and a Eugène Sartory bow loaned to him by Canimex.

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