The Choirs of Christ Church Cathedral

The choirs of Christ Church Cathedral enjoy a long and colourful history. Alternating between choirs of “ladies and gentlemen”, “boys and young men” (1830), “ladies, gentlemen and youths” (1867), and a “vested ladies choir” (1904); between choirs whose singers were paid a salary (1872) and choirs of volunteers (1880); under the leadership of a series of illustrious musicians, the Cathedral choirs have always maintained a prominent place in the history of church music in Montreal. Under Patrick Wedd’s direction, the three main Cathedral choirs (Choir of Men and Trebles, Choir of Girls, and Cathedral Singers) are responsible for providing music for two services each Sunday (Choral Eucharist at 10 a.m. and Choral Evensong at 4 p.m.) throughout the year. Extra services at Christmas and Easter, and two annual concerts ensure a full and varied schedule. A rotating roster divides the Cathedral’s services more or less equally among the three groups, although for festive occasions, such as Easter morning, all the choirs join together, numbering more than fifty singers. In addition, the Women’s Plainsong Choir sings Evensong every Thursday afternoon during the academic year. The Cathedral is fortunate in that its music programme is supported generously, both spiritually and financially, by the parish. This enables vocal coaching, theory, and ear training sessions for each of the young choristers. The children’s choirs frequently collaborate with other Anglican choirs in Montreal, and have participated in concerts given by other organizations, most recently in performances of “A Boy was Born”(Benjamin Britten), and “Carmina Burana” (Carl Orff) with the choral ensemble Musica Orbium. The Cathedral’s adult singers are a mixture of volunteers from a wide background of careers and musical experience, and a small core of professional singers.

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