La mer jolie (Chants d’Acadie, volume I)




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In the 17th century, those who would become known as the Acadians “officially” arrived in the New World by sea, in the wake of the Basque whalers and the Portuguese cod-fishermen. It is also by sea that, a century and a half later, they would take the route of exile and deportation. As far as can be remembered, legend and music, as the folklore of Acadia, have been linked to the sea, in moments of triumph like in times of tribulation…On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the establishment of a lasting French colony in America—in Acadia—Suzie LeBlanc, accompanied by a choice of instruments in which classical and folk traditions meet, performs the loveliest songs from the land whence she comes.

Traditional Acadian Songs: La Mer Jolie, Naufrage en mer, En montant la rivière, Avec un avocat, Le mari jaloux, Joli bois, Angèle se promène, L’Escaouette, La nourrice du Roy.

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