Flûte passion: Claude Bolling, vol. 1



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For her ATMA Classique debut, flutist Nadia Labrie presents the Suite for flute and jazz piano trio by Claude Bolling (1930-2020), the iconoclastic French composer whose series of flute suites has become emblematic of jazz-classical crossover music.

Alongside Jonathan Turgeon (piano), Dominic Girard (double bass) and Bernard Riche (drums), Nadia Labrie dives into Bolling’s playful, jazzy musical universe with the first digital volume, culminating in the release of a box set in 2025 featuring Bolling’s two Suites for flute and jazz piano trio and the Picnic Suite.

In an 1982 interview with the New York Times, Bolling asserted that “what people say the music is, or is not, does not disturb me. I have no pretension of inventing anything. I’m not writing pieces that are very concerned with the aesthetics of music, or with presenting the image of genius. I am only writing music for fun. I try to maintain a certain level of taste and quality, of course. But my main purpose is to make the musicians happy, and if possible, to make the audience happy too.”

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