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It is normally up to the children to make a name for themselves, in the wake of a father who may have left a lasting and significant stamp on history. Yet in the present case, it is Gaspard Corrette who is indebted, so to speak, to his son Michel (whose career was brilliant) for having secured the posterity of the Corrette family name in the French Parnassus. Gaspard was probably born in Rouen in 1671; after he moved to Paris in 1720, all trace of him is lost, except that his death is alluded to in 1732. Like so many other composers from this flourishing age, Gaspard Corrette left only one book of organ music, which he had published in 1703, a Mass in the 8th mode, for the use of nuns and useful to those who play the organ. It is performed here by the Montreal-based Yves-G. Préfontaine a great organist, a great musician (La Presse), on the historic organ by Julien Tribuot in the Church of St. Martin, Seurre (France) built in 1699.

Yves-G. Préfontaine plays on an organ by Julien Tribuot in the Church of St. Martin, Seurre (France).

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