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Launched in the spring of 2002, Lamento won the Opus Prize for best disc in the Baroque Music category. Listen to countertenor Daniel Taylor and his Theatre of Early Music ensemble in this moving German spiritual concert, featuring vocal solos and superb instrumental works.

During the entire 17th century, German composers were challenged with maintaining and adapting their precious musical heritage to the successive waves of foreign influence. Despite the devastating effects of the Thirty Years’ War on musical life, a considerable body of sacred work appeared during those tumultuous years and beyond, in which were forged a family of styles where coexist learned polyphony and accompanied monody. From the collision and subsequent welding of these elements, new forms appeared that were to contribute to the elaboration of the most familiar type of Bach cantata: a flourishing of dramatic and concertante Italianate arias, grand polyphonic pieces, simple harmonized chorales or highly elaborate ones.
Acclaimed countertenor Daniel Taylor and his new ensemble Theatre of Early Music team up for the first time on disc in this telling combination of sacred German vocal solos and fine instrumental works.

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