Sacabuche : Motets italiens avec trombones du XVIIe siècle




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Early 17th century Italian motets are the focus of this debut ATMA album by ¡Sacabuche! Ensemble directed by Linda Pearse. The motets include specific parts for trombones and document the growing 17th century tendency towards naming particular instruments and composing idiomatic parts for them. In addition to their inherent beauty, these works by lesser known composers were chosen because they are representative of different musical types.

17th-Century Italian Motets represents the culmination of seventeen years of research, publication, performance, and pedagogy by trombone player Linda Pearse, and is a labour of love in aural format. Since 1997, Pearse has been collecting seventeenth-century Italian sacred motets with dedicated trombone parts. She pursued a doctoral dissertation at Indiana University, and a critical edition of this music was published by A-R Editions (2014).

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