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Flautist Claire Marchand delivers superb renditions of contemporary music for solo flute by some of the greatest 20th century composers. In Density 21.5 Edgard Varèse explores a new territory for the flute, ranging from barely audible keyslaps to sustained fortissimo high notes. Luciano Berio’s Sequenza I for solo flute was to be the first in a series for various instruments. The composer uses a notation in which the rhythm is suggested by the placement of the notes, giving the music a cadenza-like freedom, both voluble and acrobatic. Bonheur by Canadian composer Raynald Arseneault is lyrical and melancholic. The Sonata ofr flute alone Op. 6 by the Norwegian composer Finn Mortensen is rather traditional, despite its Bartokian idiom. The influence of Steve Reich’s exploration of African drumming in Ghana and of the Balinese gamelan are often apparent in Vermont Counterpoint, written for one performer playing flute, alto flute and piccolo, together with taped flute ensemble. Toru Takemitsu is best known for the more than sixty film scores he wrote. In his work Voice, the performer must speak a verse from a poem. Itinerant is dedicated to the memory of the sculptor Isamo Naguchi. Air was written as a tribute to flautist Aurèle Nicolet for his 70th birthday.

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