Jonathan Turgeon

Jonathan Turgeon, piano

Jonathan Turgeon is known for his modern-sounding music filled with groove, jazz, rock, and classical music. He has gained renown as a composer with his creative albums Au fil des feuilles qui craquent (2015), Les rêves errants (2017), Jonction (2018), and L’abîme (2021). His new album Colorum Temporis, an experimental electroacoustic composition project, is due for release in April 2024.

Known for his creativity, improvisational skills and dexterity, Turgeon navigates different musical genres with ease, respecting traditions while offering a personal sound and approach to music.

As a sideman, he has collaborated with various eclectic artists on Charbonneau ou Les valeurs à’ bonne place, volume 1 (2018) and volume 2 (2022), and he also teamed up with Gazoline on their most recent album, Gazoline III (2021).

Discography :