Georges Migot: Suite a trois Le livre des danceries




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Georges Migot, the French painter, engraver, poet, philosopher, aesthete, and composer, remains little known in today’s musical world. His music was performed a good deal and his talent duly appreciated in the period between the wars. After the Second World War, however, his work, like that of numerous other so-called independent creators, fell into neglect. Though unique, Migot was certainly no musical pariah. The composer was an active and highly acclaimed participant in French musical life who, at around the time the Trio was composed, became president of “La Spirale,” an influential Parisian concert society dedicated to offering performances of newly-composed French and international works. The stylistically unified Livre des danceries for flute, violin, and piano, is clearly indebted to this aesthetic. Written in 1929, three of its four movements were dedicated to the members of the “Ars Nova” Trio (Jan Merry, flute; Colette Franz, violin; and Elen Merry, piano), which premiered the work in early 1930

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