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Yes, you’d have to be nuts to embark on this mad adventure! Six pianists, 12 hands, 60 fingers, 528 keys, all crazy for one thing: to make music together at last. Just getting six pianists together is not easy. Finding six pianists who actually want to put time into such an eccentric project is even harder. But the Orford Arts Center was the perfect place for giving birth to this musical madness. All six pianists get together there every year to play. As soloists and chamber musicians we share music with thousands of partners during the year. What an indescribable pleasure to meet up again, at Orford! The idea first sprouted in the brain of the youngest of us, Olivier Godin. He organized a six-piano concert at the 2006 Orford Festival. After the success of this first concert — it was nominated for an Opus prize, and led to this CD project with the ATMA label — our group took definitive form, happy to play unique works specially transcribed for us, and to offer you this music in all its splendor, colors, and styles.

Happy listening! May what pleases us please you!
— Lorraine Prieur and Sandra Murray

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