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On May 24, 1594, three weeks before his death, Orlando di Lasso completed his last work, the Lagrime di San Pietro (Saint-Peter’s tears). It consists of 21 pieces for seven voices; 20 spiritual madrigals in Italian, and a final motet in Latin, sung a cappella.

Di Lasso had produced a substantial body of work, demonstrated his mastery of all the musical genres of the Renaissance era, and was hailed by French poet Ronsard as “more than divine Orlando.” For several decades, he served the court of Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria in Munich, and was held in high esteem by his employer, and by princes and musicians all over Europe.

Since 1974, the Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal has enjoyed a reputation of excellence for its inspired interpretations of the Renaissance and Baroque vocal repertoire. Under the direction of organist and harpsichordist Christopher Jackson, the Studio’s ensemble is composed of remarkable singers, appreciated for the clarity and purity of their voices.

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